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To speak of the Holy God we begin with God The Father He Who created all things for His pleasure and upn which He showers His benevolence and judgements. It was The Father Who sent His Son to be born of a Virgin and to die for the sins of mankind and it was He Who raised Him from the dead. What did He do before the Creation? We do not know but He did have fellowship with His beloved Son. The Creator of All Things is very mysterious none know the full workings of His providential mastery of the Universe.

Paul’s Day, Petria 11th, 5940

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All questions in this life fundamentally boil down to this essential one does God exist? Close to it are these What is God? and Who is God? What are His attributes? Among countless others on this topic we range across endless discussion but here I want to simply treat the basic matter and questions establishing the existence of God and His basic attributes along side the identification of God perhaps also delving somewhat into matter deeper matters. We begin here with God for what else may be the root of all other matters if not the Lord and Fountain of Existence.

To begin with we must ask what is God? To answer this is simple God is the Supreme Being the Entity which is is insurpassable. If you can imagine something beyond God you haven’t reached God yet. The word supreme denotes beyond all others. So if now we have place to begin what next? Well we might ask what is meant by entity? The word entity in this case would mean existent personality. An intelligent person who has the quality of existing. After this we would ask what do we mean by “supreme” if it means insurpassable? The essence of God as the supreme is in the context of His being in His attributes as All Powerful. God is supreme in that there is no other power however defined beyond Him. This I think gives a basic summation of what is God? The answer simply lies in His attributes which we shall move on to thusly clarifying in the process of what God is and who is God.

If God is thereby an existent intelligent personality who is insurpassable in terms of power in what ways does the power manifest in His attributes? To begin with the most important they Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnibenevolence.

To begin with Omnipotence we mean All Power with power being the ability to effect your will and as such God may do anything that is not nonsensical as such due to that being a contradiction and a contradiction in this matter would be a negation of any effectual meaning.

Next would be Omniscience which is All Knowledge that is God knows all things that are, were, will be, or could be. He would know whether something will happen though without causing it likewise whether something without His divine help could even happen at all. Certainly all present actions and past being in His dominion of knowledge. In light of this we may ask does God think? Why would one need to in any recognizable manner if you knew all things? The answer I believe of course but not in any manner we would understand how do you describe thinking of all things at once?

Thirdly Omnipresence what we would call All Presence the attribute of God whereby He is present at all places at all times without diffusion of essence. Being a Spirit and not a physical entity this can be a simple matter as He is not enclosed in any limited material form at any particular point in time or space though He may make temporal specialized manifestations in certain places all the while maintaining His All Presence.

Lastly we come to His Omnibenevolence which would be His All Goodness. That all that is truly Good and Righteous originate in and flow from Him in diverse manners. How then is there evil in this world made by The Lord? Very simply there is evil due to other peoples choice it being a Good that such could make choices on Good or Evil thus authenticating the act and the one doing act as to both it and their actual Goodness.

To add to the prior attributes we could speak of Omniregence the All Ruling of God commonly called Providence the ability of God to have Mastery of All Circumstance. Was perhaps rock set there ages ago and remained unmoved only that an evil man may trip and fall to his well earned death because God had set the rock there? Was that treasure you found hidden and untouched so that you might find it and provide for your family because God had so hid the area from others allowing no reason to form in them to search the area? This is providence.

Having so listed but a few of God’s more major characteristics we must ask the question of Who is God?
To this I would reply YHWH the God of Israel revealed to Moses the Prophet on Mount Sinai and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. A very frank statement indeed. So why would we assume such? We begin with History which is truly His Story.

Without extending into another topic of one or many gods we may say the simple fact being that One Almighty God would be more rational and superior to a plethora of others regardless of whether they exist they would be beneath the One Almighty. So returning to the question we would say why then is YHWH The One True God? Among other possibilities I will list three. First the testimony of history. Second the fulfillment of prophecy unlike other religions with greater directness and depth. Finally and Thirdly the witness of those who believe in contradistinction to the believers of other religions.

Beginning with the testimony of History we may say that throughout History the Lord God has begun a work with a man named Abraham which has affected the world more than any other religion or belief system. Where is the loudmouth fanaticism of the communists? Gone. They failed and humiliated themselves after numerous arrogant claims and predictions that failed. Not before they took millions to the grave with their foolish ideas. Where is Islam? As always murdering and stealing and don’t forget repressing. The religion of the desert remains there never able to thoroughly attach itself to better places or peoples. The Faith given to Abraham carried on to his descendants both physical and spiritual as promised by God has affected more of our human history than any other belief. So what you say? Couldn’t a false belief do so and haven’t many? Yes indeed however, we see this issue in conjuction with the rest of the issues to which I will now refer.

The fulfillment of prophecy unlike the vagaries of Nostradamus and other mystics and false prophets God has given in His writen Word a multitude of either exact or very direct prophecies relating to people, nations and events well established as written far ahead of time often centuries if not thousands of years.

In light of these matters we may finally ask how do we know God exists? To begin we see throughout nature and the universe a clear intent of function and design this being one of the most potent arguments among others. We look upon the complex human biological systems such as the circulatory and neurological and see deep complex functioning implying design through the interwoven fabric of the system. We can look to the stars as scriptures says the heavens declare God’s glory and see the billions of beautiful lights and the physical laws governing these.

In like manner we look to the most important validation of God and that is Revelation for while our Faith in Him may be in accordance with rationality and science the human epistemic means are not all encompassing as newer ideas and technology frequently teach us. Revelation being the revealing of God of Himself to us we look to the sacred Scriptures and to our own interactions with the Almighty and signs in life whereby He validates His Word to us through direct or indirect manners. We also see the fulfillment of the scriptural prophecies as validation for the Word of God.

We might also speak of endlessly further of the Infinite Almighty God after those essential issues here listed before but it would endless volumes of knowledge to discuss here all possible questions concerning the Just God Almighty.

Andrew’s Day, Petria 2nd, 5940.

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Greetings! I am Makaro though in the real world named Josh and this is The Sacred Order. The blog address stands for Makaro’s Blog Elaboration of The Sacred Order with the number 7 the scriptural number of perfection as I aim to strive toward it. The Sacred Order being a reference to idea that there is a Divine Order to the Universe established by God flowing from Him down to Creation. I have started this blog to begin to elaborate my views on various topics on everything I can think of which interests me. Everything from Religion, Nationalism, Science, Art, Poetry, and Music and many more topics which would be superfluous to list here. On this blog I will elucidate my views from the viewpoints I hold doing my best to present clear and logical arguments in accord with my Faith. I am a Born-Again Christian and Creationist I am also a Reactionary by politics and a defender of Whites and European Civilization.

On this blog I will list many links and site which may or may not accord with my beliefs many will and many will not so be warned before hand. The reason I do this is to show a broader view of like minded people and those who are the total opposite for he who knows his own arguments only knows nothing. I will also attempt to do Book reviews and Biographies for various people of importance to my views.

There are several issues of particular interest to me that I will write about not being aware of anyone else writing about these things or at least in the manner I do. Two of these things are Michigan Nationalism for a free and independent Sovereign Michigan and the benefits and difficulties of such things and Sacredism my unique blending of Christian Fundamentalism and Pan-Nationalism among other ideas mixed in with it.

A certain way of writing will occur on this site as I don’t intend it to be a daily news commentary. I will place Of before every post because I intend it to be a corpus scriptorum a body of writings which I will have post page for as I will update them as I see fit expanding my views on a variety of topics and I don’t want the posts lost in the range of archival history. I will attempt to write weekly but more probably will do so monthly at least for some of my longer articles it will take time to write and research.

As far as I am concerned the ultimate message in this life the end point of all things is the Lord Jesus Christ and what your relation to Him is. In accordance with the Gospel of Jesus Christ All Men are Sinners having inherited the taint of Original Sin from our First Parents in the Garden of Eden. But to those who accept Jesus Christ the Son of God as their personal Lord and Saviour and believe in Him that He died for their Sins of the Cross and rose again there is Salvation for all those who will receive it.

Having so said I will attempt to elaborate this and all my views on various things in accordance with it and the guidance of the inerrant Word of God The Holy Bible aided by the tools of Faith, Tradition, Reason, and Science. I Pray God guide me in this endeavor.

Joh 3:16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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