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On this page I will elaborate in a simple manner some of the more important positions I hold on various topics which will occur in deeper writings on this blog. I will also write several notes on things I will feel warrant such.

*The name MBETSO7 as I explain in Of The Opening means Makaro’s Blog Elaboration of The Sacred Order with the number 7 being the scriptural number of perfection or completion an intent I am for.

*I write OF such and such for my post names as I intend this to be a corpus scriptorum that is a body of writing rather than merely sporadic posts on recent issues though I will certainly include such issues throughout my writings as references when the need arises.

*Though it may seem odd or somewhat unproductive to do so I will update various older posts with revisions at times to broaden them as my perspective changes or grows. To facilitate awareness of this I will attempt to form a post page as a sort of library so they may be read without being lost in the the backlog.

1.God Almighty: As concerns God I believe in the the Three in One God YHWH the God of Israel but God of the Gentiles as well. Being as the Nicene Creed states One God in Three Persons as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Supreme Being, Creator of the Universe and Master of All Things. Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent.

2.Jesus Christ: The Son of God incarnate as Man born in Bethelehem to a Virgin and raised in Nazareth the Messiah and Heir to the Throne of Israel and Saviour of Man. He was crucified under Pontius Pilate and dying rose again on the third day. After His Resurrection He ascended to His Father in Heaven to be our Advocate there. He will return in Glory and establish His Kingdom for 1,000 Years. When this is complete the Last Judgement of All Men will occur.

3.Salvation: Jesus Christ died for our Sins on the Cross and rose again and that those who believe in Him as their personal Lord and Saviour shall be saved and that those who have ought be Baptised and receive Communion and Fellowship with the Church of God.

4.The Holy Bible: The Divinely Inspired Word of God given by God unto Prophets and Apostles guided by Him containing the Creation, Fall, and Redemption of Man in God’s Plan of Salvation. In this there is also guidance for life and the issues thereof and the instruction of right conduct. This being preserved thoughout the ages inerrant by The Lord’s guiding Hand.

5.The Fall of Man: That Man is innately sinful and gravitates toward evil though created good there is a natural inclination in the human character toward corruption rooted in Sin inherited from our First Parents in the Garden of Eden.

6.Sin: The phenomena of deviant error by Humanity in its conduct, behavior, and mentality.

7.The Sacred Order: That there is a Divine Order to constitution to the Universe that God Himself has set God above Man, Man above the Animals and the like. This Order is manifest in all manner of relations among Mankind.

8.The Family: That the Divine Order establishes a Man and Woman united by God to act as complimentary roles one to another as male and female made in His Image and that they are to produce and raise the children in accordance with His Laws and after which in their particular manners.

Nationalism: That God has divided Mankind for His Glory into hundreds if not thousands of Nations and Peoples and that these are to be respected as broader kin groups. While many stand against this due to negative possibilities such as hate or conflict the fact remains it is a natural and God created phenomena with purpose.

Pan-Nationalism: That the best means of peace between nations under the Law of God is for them to govern themselves without foreign interference and as such ought have their lands and places for their kind to prosper in safety and wellbeing.

Tradition: That Mankind naturally accumulates mannerisms and viewpoints in accord with their own ways and environment derivative from their own spiritual and genetic repositories and that these develope into a history of which helps peoples go forward and meet the future constantly reinventing themselves to survive and deal with the issues of the day.

Sacredism: My term for the blending of Christianity, Creationism, Historic Revision, and Ethno-Nationalism.

Peters Day, Paulia 12th, 5940(February 10th, 2014) ~ Makaro


Posted March 4, 2014 by Makaro

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